"I have known Jack Riggins since the mid 1990's as a student in the Navel Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Nebraska.  He has an infectious leadership quality that motivates and demands high performance in everyone he meets.  Jack's vast leadership experience gained on the sports field under competition, under fire on the battlefield, and in the "boardroom" planning operations brings great insight into how organizations and individuals succeed or fail through their culture, communication, trust, and teamwork.  Personally, I take to heart every conversation I have with Jack as I always walk away considering my own performance at work, with my family, and in life.  Jack is the most approachable and easy person to talk with which is why he makes learning such an effortless exercise."

Perry Haralson, Chief Financial Officer - Cornhusker Bank and US Marine Corps 1990-2001

"Dr. Widman has worked with the Creighton program since the Spring of 2012.  We asked Dr. Widman to work with our team on culture and chemistry, which I felt was holding us back to reach our goals.  Since that time, our program has reached new heights, with a group of young women who have learned trust and love each other.  I firmly believe that Dr. Widman played a large role in our conference championships and Sweet 16 run in 2015.  It isn’t magic, but instead he works on healthy communication, respect, trust, and staying positive—all things that help a team succeed, but also will be life lessons for our athletes when they hit the workforce one day.   Dr. Widman’s work with our team has been program changing, and we feel blessed to have him as part of our program."

Kirsten Bernthal Booth, Creighton Head Volleyball Coach

“I have known Dr. Larry Widman for several years and have seen him produce outstanding results with teams and individual athletes performing at the very highest levels of athletic competition.  Larry is very insightful and is very effective in creating outstanding team chemistry.  He applies principles which produce success not only in the athletic world, but also within businesses and social organizations.  Many people talk about enhancing performance, Larry’s track record speaks for itself."

Dr. Tom Osborne

"Dr. Widman provided outstanding leadership to our interdisciplinary team of substance use professionals.  He is a physician who truly believes in the value of relationships, with clients, families, and coworkers.  Dr. Widman has an ability to empower people to excel to their highest potential and evidenced this quality with a very difficult patient population."

Jerome R. Barry,Director Bryan Independence Center, LifePointe, & Pastoral Care

"I have known Jack Riggins for 20 years and I can personally attest to his knowledge of Special Operations, specifically the psyche of elite performers. He has been involved with professional athletes since our beginning in the SEAL Teams and has been an invaluable resource for the organization over the years. Many personally acknowledge his input as the reason for their sustained performance. Jack’s various positions over the years have offered him a unique perspective on various ‘superior’ performers from the SEAL Teams, other Special Operation units, as well to the previously mentioned professional sports.  I often personally solicit his input on my growth as I advance in my new business career.” 

Steve Kupcha, SOC(SEAL) Ret., Executive Director-NS2 Serves/Director of Business Development-SAP

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